Turn Your JD Edwards Usage Data into Actionable Insights

How Can ERP Insights Help Your Business?

Denovo, the provider of managed services for Oracle ERP applications, and Fusion5, the foremost Australian business solutions provider, are pleased to announce their exclusive agreement to distribute the ERP Insights product in North America. ERP Insights provides JD Edwards customers with unparalleled awareness of their ERP systems and transactions to improve application security, reduce technical debt, and eliminate end-user transactional friction.

Every JD Edwards system generates a huge amount of data every day. Collecting and analyzing these insights can help you save money, improve security, and reduce technical debt while optimizing your operations. But collecting and analyzing this data manually is a costly and time-consuming task - by the time you have all the information you need, it may be outdated.

With ERP Insights, you can access comprehensive reports on operational trends, predictions, efficiencies, and losses plus much more. Enable your team to make faster easier decisions based on your system data. You can turn your data from overload to the mother lode!

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